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I have looked at a lot of great Prepping and Survival sites and one thing I do not see in detail… how  does YOUR PERSONALITY fit into being a successful Prepper or Survivalist.

What makes a successful Prepper or Survivalist? Someone who prepares for disasters but does not allow the act of Prepping and Survival create a sense of paranoia. Instead they are educated, prepared, and worry-free, knowing they are ready for any disaster scenario.

Do you become empowered when you read about how to survive a “Doomsday” scenario or does it make you want to stick your head in the sand?

If you can understand how to make Prepping and Survival fit YOU, then you will be on your way to make Prepping a part of your life.  Get this wrong and your 72 hour survival food will end up being eaten one Friday night while watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!

When you get right down to it, we PREPARE for disaster in order to live a WORRY FREE LIFE. But…how does your personality help or hinder your ability to manifest an abundant life without worry?

Black Friday at Walmart!

Prepping, in simple terms, is the ability to create a habit of preparedness. All habits may start out like a group of ladies hitting a black friday sale, strong and with good intention, but few habits ever get to a point where they are ingrained in your brain for life. (BTW, takes sixty-six days to create a new habit,  so the experts say).

Here’s a story about why I feel so strongly about working with your personality type and not against your personality type in order to successfully create a worry-free life.

When I first embarked on preparing for natural disasters, I found myself so overwhelmed with upsetting, in your face information that for about six months I simply stopped.  My brain could not process what I had to learn (or thought I had to learn).  I was completely overwhelmed with lists upon lists of items that I needed to have on hand.  I was horrified by the apocalyptic stories of doomsday disasters.

Jeff Fighting a Wildfire in the Pine Barrens 2004

I asked Jeff to read some of the same articles I was reading.  Jeff has been fighting wildfires for over forty years.  He’s been all over the country.  He has faced hundred foot flames speeding toward him, slept in rat infested shelters, and has consumed many a bad MRE.

Nothing bothers Jeff when it comes to the great outdoors or any type of survival situation and he’s the calmest person I know! So here I am, the Type A business owner and overall nice gal and there’s Jeff the “Survivalist.”

So we both read the same articles and information.  I was distraught and he didn’t understand why I was distraught!

A bell went off.   Different personalities require different systems in order to create a prepared and abundant life.

Photo by Cris Saur on

Let’s face it,  unless you are very young or very lucky, natural disasters will happen to you at some point in your life.

Here’s a truth: when you are educated and prepared,  you are more relaxed and confident.  When you are more relaxed and confident, you get to attract the right things in your life.  So bring in the light!

Don’t let prepping for disasters create paranoia, let it create abundance. 

With the help of a professional astrologist,  the “Manifest Your Wild Spirit Animal” Quiz was created.  (NOTE: THE QUIZ WILL BE UP VERY SOON!)

So the question is….

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Which of these 11 Wild Spirit Animals Are You?

The Lamb, the Dove, the Squirrel, the Peacock, the Raven, the Deer, the Walrus, the Dolphin, the Bear, the Wolverine, or the Wolf?

Discover how your wild spirit animal drives you. Will it help you or hinder you in living the abundant and worry free life you deserve? 

Take the ten question QUIZ and find out.  (THE QUIZ WILL BE UP SOON, I PROMISE, PLEASE CHECK BACK…)

Have Fun.

Maisy and Jeff
Your Partners in Disaster Preparation

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