Vegetarian and Vegan Homesteading

Finally, a type of homestead I can sink my teeth into.  Vegetarian Homesteading.

Is it because I am a Vegetarian? Sorry to say no, although most of my diet is vegetarian (a shrimp and fish eating Pescatarian is more my style).

Is it because I can’t have animals on my land?

No, I can raise anything I darn well please.

It’s just that the thought of raising an animal and then sending it off to be butchered would probably be too difficult for me to handle. It is good to know your limitations before you raise animals for protein.  So be honest with yourself, because there is an alternative.

Vegetarian or Vegan Homesteading is making headway among Homesteaders.

Vegetarian Homesteading does include raising chickens to supply you with eggs, or goats and cows to supply you with milk and cheese.  Vegan Homesteading on the other hand excludes animal by-products of any kind.

In researching blogs for strictly Vegetarian Homesteading, there were a few.  What I came across is that most die-hard homesteading blogs have a strong Vegetarian Homesteading component.  After all, gardening is considered the gateway drug to homesteading! So any good homesteading blog will give you info on Vegetarian Homesteading.

Once you start Vegetarian Homesteading and go the route of chickens for eggs and goats for milk and cheese, you may realize how much time and money it takes to become a Vegetarian Homesteader. Often the net effect is quite costly (fences, feed, cleaning, shooing, protecting all take time and money).

So, if you are looking for a simpler (not easier, just simpler) type of homestead, Vegan Homesteading might be for you.  You can always barter and buy eggs, milk, and cheese.  You may also have a family member who cannot live without the occasional burger!  Remember that a strong component of homesteading is crafting, jams, fixing things, and so much more.  Even beer and wine making! If you learn to barter (it’s fun and you get to know your neighbors), then Vegan Homesteading may be a great choice for you.

YouTube seems to be where many Homesteaders hang, and it is the place to find educational information on Vegetarian and Vegan Homesteading from real-life Homesteaders.  In my opinion, a video is worth a thousand words when it comes to learning a craft like homesteading.

Colleen Patrick Godreau has some good videos  on Vegan Gardening.  So if you have a small plot of land, you can take Colleen’s advice and get started.  Colleen strongly advocates that Veganism is a means to prevent animal cruelty.   Punky Rooster (yes, a punk rock, alternative Vegetarian Homesteader) also has some good videos.  In particular I like this video where she discusses what decisions drove her to become a Vegetarian Homesteader.

Here is a good reference guide to Vegan Farming.

The Vegan Book of Permaculture will give you a well rounded look at Vegan Permaculture.  Permaculture is a method of sustainable growing.  It is perfect for the novice Vegan Homesteader who is looking for an evergreen lifestyle.  As the Author, Graham Burnett states, “Work with Mother Nature, Not Against Her.”  A good read.

But before you do, a word of caution.

It is hard to believe (or maybe not hard to believe) that the seemingly patriotic right to garden or homestead has recently come under more and more government regulation.  Similar to certain rain catchment laws that have popped up over the last few years.

So before you dig up that nice soil in your front yard or backyard, understand your local zoning bylaws.  Here’s an article by Mother Earth News and one by Sustainable America that will give you a heads up on the subject.   For an in depth look at the subject, dive into Baylen Linneken’s book “Biting The Hand That Feeds You.”  Eye Opening.

I just want you to be informed.  Once you are informed, go for it.    Do not let rules, laws and regulations stop you from growing food in the earth that God gave us.  This is the world we live in.  Just know the laws and then you will understand your rights.  Work within the system.  The joy is far too great when you develop skills that  can feed yourself, your family, your friends and your neighbors!

Resources for you to learn about Homesteading:

Shared Earth Connecting Landowners with Gardeners and Farmers

National Garden Clubs

Planet Natural Research Center

Sustainable America Resources

Mother Earth News

Instructables Courses Under Homestead Section

For other series and books on Homesteading, check out Amazon’s recommendations.


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