Oldie But Goodie Homesteading

Meet Shaye Elliot from the Elliot Homestead.  Shaye is a traditional Homesteader and has a really great blog called The Elliot Homestead.

Here’s what Shaye says on her site..“We farm to provide our family with as much homegrown food as possible – learning the ways of the land and the ways of the past. We preserve food, stock up the larder for winter, and are ever working towards growing more. The laundry hanging on the line may cause some to think we’re old fashioned. And maybe that’s true. But I’m okay with that. I wouldn’t trade this hard working farm life for anything in the world.”

I have reviewed alot of homesteading sites.  In my opinion they are all good because keeping up with a Homestead and a Blog at the same time is real dedication.  But Shaye’s site stands out from most.  She has an excellent you tube channel and has some great videos on her site as well.  I also love her book “Welcome to the Farm.”

Shaye speaks through stories, which help you to picture yourself as a Homesteader.  Harvesting, Eggs, Dairy, Meat, Bees, and Orchards are all covered in her easy to read book.  This is a great addition to your Homesteading library.

If you are a visual learner, I promise you Becky will not disappoint you.  Another Amazon series (free with prime) called “How to Start Homesteading.”   As I watched Becky, I was so entertained by her personality and love of Homesteading.  I would call Becky a classic Homesteader.  There are alot of female Homesteaders, so I thought it would O.K. to highlight Becky.  You can also check out the same videos on her website “Becky’s Homestead.”

I went from her How to Make Soap to Raising Backyard Chickens in one sitting.  Her videos are all ten minutes in length.  What’s fun about watching Becky is in one episode she’s a brunette, in another episode a blond.  She is constantly evolving both on her farm and in her self.

Homesteading: A Backyard Guide
This is an excellent basic book to Growing Your Own Food, Canning,
Keeping Chickens, Generating Your Own Energy, Crafting,
Herbal Medicine, and More.





Welcome to the Farm by Shaye Elliot.  As I mentioned above, Shaye is a modern yet “Oldie But Goodie Homesteader. She speaks through stories, which I love.  Harvesting, Eggs, Dairy, Meat, Bees, and Orchards are all covered.  This is a great addition to your Homesteading library.


But before you do, a word of caution.

It is hard to believe (or maybe not hard to believe) that the seemingly patriotic right to garden or homestead has recently come under more and more government regulation.  Similar to certain rain catchment laws that have popped up over the last few years.

So before you dig up that nice soil in your front yard or backyard, understand your local zoning bylaws.  Here’s an article by Mother Earth News and one by Sustainable America that will give you a heads up on the subject.   For an in depth look at the subject, dive into Baylen Linneken’s book “Biting The Hand That Feeds You.”  Eye Opening.

I just want you to be informed.  Once you are informed, go for it.    Do not let rules, laws and regulations stop you from growing food in the earth that God gave us.  This is the world we live in.  Just know the laws and then you will understand your rights.  Work within the system.  The joy is far too great when you develop skills that  can feed yourself, your family, your friends and your neighbors!

Resources for you to learn about Homesteading:

Shared Earth Connecting Landowners with Gardeners and Farmers

National Garden Clubs

Planet Natural Research Center

Sustainable America Resources

Mother Earth News

Instructables Courses Under Homestead Section

For other series and books on Homesteading, check out Amazon’s recommendations.


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