The Absolute Best Unconventional Cooking Method In An Emergency

If you read the post How To Cook A Meal When The Power Goes Out, you learned a little about conventional and an unconventional method of preparing food when in an emergency power-out situation.  I described various types of Solar Ovens, but I do have a favorite…..The Sun Oven by Sun Oven International (a grass roots company that also does some great charity work around the world).

Why Cook with a SUN OVEN®?

Recently I sat through a webinar put on by the Sun Oven folks.  It was an hour long webinar one evening with the owner of the company, Paul.   He starts with some really corny jokes (which he apologizes for up front) but by the end of the webinar not only was I hooked on trying this device, I learned how to cook a meal without the use of fossil fuels.   The ability to harness the power of the SUN to feed your family?  Pretty powerful skill to have.

Here’s a few of the top things that impressed me about this unconventional cooking device.

  1. You can cook year around with the SUN OVEN.  The outdoor temperature is not an issue.  Imagine not being able to cook or warm food after a winter storm leaves you without power for a week. A dire situation that you can avoid with a little planning.
  2. On cloudy, overcast days you can still use the SUN OVEN as a hay box, wonder box or retained heat cooker. Like a non-electric version of the modern crock-pot. Even on cloudy days, the SUN OVEN can cook food!
  3. Drinking water can be boiled or pasteurized in a SUN OVEN!  You may find yourself without clean drinking water. Without other types of water purification devices, having the SUN OVEN could literally be life saving.
  4. How expensive is the SUN OVEN to use? Due to the fact that currently there are no greedy hands on the Sun’s direct energy….It costs nothing, zero, nada!
  5. And for the environmentally purposeful among us, how great is using the energy of the Sun.  Solar energy is the least polluting and most inexhaustible of all known energy sources,  and it doesn’t cost a red-hot cent.
  6. Food cooked in a SUN OVEN does not burn.  Doesn’t even make sense, but the designer’s of the Sun Oven have figured out how to make cooking fool-proof under extreme conditions.
  7. You can make hard boiled eggs in a SUN OVEN without water.
  8. Temperatures in a SUN OVEN rise slowly and evenly, which is ideal for cooking legume, grain, and vegetable-based dishes. (Vegetarian dishes come out sweet, very nutritious, and delicious when cooked with the power of the sun).
  9. A SUN OVEN can be used as a solar dehydrator. (Dry fruits, vegetables or jerky).
  10. Food does not dry out when it is baked in a SUN OVEN.
  11. On cloudy, overcast days use a SUN OVEN as a hay box, wonder box or retained heat cooker. (The nonelectric version of the modern crock-pot).
  12. You can even bake a 21 lb. turkey in a SUN OVEN. (The light meat will be moister than any dark meat turkey you have ever eaten). You can also cook a whole chicken in 90 minutes, or all day and it will come out the same (very tender and moist).
  13. The SUN OVEN is very well insulated, which allows food cooked in the afternoon sun to stay warm until it is ready to be consumed later in the evening.

Paul did this video specifically about Emergency Preparedness for folks like us who want to prepare for the worst, but hope for the best! Here’s a COUPON FOR up to $70 OFF that Paul has let me share with you (limited time offer). 

Helping Those In Need

Something else I really liked about Paul and his company…. they give back.  With the disappearance of fossil fuels (think wood and coal that is derived from decomposed life matter over millions of years), especially in third world, poverty stricken countries around the world, the need for alternative methods of cooking is extreme.

Fast fact from the SUN OVEN web site…”The acrid smoke from cooking fires subjects women and their children to levels of smoke that at times are often 100 times above the international safety standards. This results in 3 deaths a minute, totaling over 1.6 million deaths each year.”

Paul’s company works very hard to get SUN OVENS into the hands of those in need, even entire villages.

Why wait for an emergency to start using your Sun Oven? How much money could you save using the SUN OVEN versus your gas or electric stove each month? How much more nutritious will your food be when cooked with the life-sustaining power of the Sun?

If cars can run on electricity (go Tesla), then we can welcome the Sun Oven.

Take a look at their website to get a full view of the power of the SUN OVEN.

Before you buy the Sun Oven, here’s a COUPON FOR up to $70 OFF that Paul put together for me (and YOU). It is a limited time offer so check it out if you have an interest.


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