Personal Protection And Surviving Chaos

Riots, violence, senseless murders, and acts of terrorism are so numerous today that we tend to become numb to the facts.  Please don’t make the false assumption that you or a loved one can never be a victim of crime.

The question in your mind should be….what “black swan” event will it take before chaos affects me.

What starts out as a controlled natural disaster or a peaceful protest can escalate to full blown street warfare with thousands of angry rioters smashing, looting, stealing and terrorizing their fellow neighbors and citizens. Think about the horrors of Hurricane Katrina.

With no police available because resources are spread thin, what will you do?

(and I can promise you this, if your family were starving, even YOU would do what ever was needed to feed your family…)

On this very important subject of personal protection, I defer to one of my favorite survivalist talents, ex CIA agent Jason Hanson.

Jason has written a number of eye opening books that will challenge your thinking.  Survive Like A Spy in particular stands out for me.

What I like about Jason’s books is the stories he tells along with the lessons he gives.

He also gives alot of advice on traveling in airports and even how to travel with certain types of personal protection devices.

Violence is a hard reality.  But here’s how I look at.  Not everything in life is pleasant, and this dark reality cannot be ignored.  Hopefully nothing every happens to you or anyone you love, but knowledge is the key to awareness and the key to survival.

Take the time to read a few of Jason’s books.  Share the information with your family as well.  You will be glad you did.

Bio: Jason Hanson is the real deal and his advice is simple, doable and potentially life saving.  BTW, he’s been on Shark Tank, Rachael Ray and the Today Show.

Here is my next go-to reference book on the subject of disaster survival.

If you are looking for some exceptional advice on surviving disasters, please check out a book written by Cade Courtley,  Seal Survival Guide.  Cade’s survival strategies cover a wide range of disaster scenarios.  Cade’s book contains alot of  practical advice. Many of the disaster scenarios in his book could potentially happen to anyone.   One of my favorite reference books.

Bio: Cade Courtley was a real life Navy Seal.  In his book he discusses what he went through to become a Navy Seal. After you read his story,  you will have no problem following his dynamic advice.  He’s the real deal.


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