Remembering Epsom Salt

When I was a kid and Dad came home from work, Mom would get out the bucket, fill it with hot water and a cup of Epsom Salt.  Dad would sit there for half an hour and soak his feet.  By the look on his hard working face you would think he was smoking a cuban cigar.

There was one big smile and AAAHHH written all over him.

Epsom Salt was a staple for many things in the fifties and sixties.  It was cheap and it worked.  But bring on the marketing of over priced solutions and Epsom Salt started to see a decline from its throne.

Like a classic rock single from the Beatles, here’s why Epsom Salt does not grow old and still has many years of enjoyment left  (you can find it in some great scents these days, like Lavender, and it is sold at Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and all the other big retailers, just look for it).

Reprint of a blog post on Survival Frog.

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9 Incredible Survival Uses For Epsom Salts

1 – Improve the Yield from Your Survival Garden

The magnesium and sulfur in Epsom salt can be added to the soil in your survival garden to help your plants grow.

Epsom salt can also be used to deter slugs and other pests like raccoons from infesting or disrupting your garden.  Sprinkle some of the salt around your garden to act as a barrier and repeat whenever the salt dissolves into the ground.

A reliable source of food will be vital when SHTF. By keeping your survival garden safe and improving its yield, Epsom salt can help keep your family fed and your belly full.

2– Reduce Inflammation

A soak in an Epsom salt bath can help with sore or swollen muscles. The salt dissolves quickly in warm water, so add some to your bath water or create a compress to help with aches and pains.

In a SHTF situation, it’s likely that you’re going to spend much more time on your feet. An Epsom salt soak at the end of the day can help you recover and prepare for another day of hard work.

3 – Use for Cleaning

The abrasive texture of salt crystals can help make quick work out of food that’s stuck onto your pots and pans.

Just use a bit of salt to scrub dirty dishes and remove build-up. And don’t worry – the salt won’t do any lasting damage to your dishes.

4 – Natural Face Wash

Epsom salt has been included as an ingredient in beauty solutions for hundreds of years, and preppers can use it as a natural face wash when SHTF.

Keeping your face clean may not be your top priority in a survival situation, but good hygiene is important all the time.

Plus, there have been a number of studies which show that washing with an Epsom salt rinse can help with conjunctivitis (aka pink eye) and sties.

5 – Remove Splinters

Between bugging out, chopping wood, and building fires, the probability of getting a splinter after SHTF is high.

While a small splinter may seem like little more than an annoyance, it still has the potential of slowing down your work and could even get infected.

If you need to dislodge a splinter, all you have to do is soak the affected body part in some warm water mixed with Epsom salt for a few minutes.  The magnesium sulfate will reduce the inflammation (see above) and help soften the splinter for easier removal.

6 – Regulate Blood Sugar

Magnesium and sulfate can help to improve the body’s natural ability to use and produce insulin.

As a result, Epsom salts may help improve your energy levels.

7 – Bug Bite and Poison Ivy Relief

When it comes to bug bites and poison ivy, soaking in hot water can lead to more itching, so soaking in the bathtub won’t work.

However, you can make a paste using Epsom salt which can help with itching and discomfort caused by bug bites and poison ivy.

8 – Improved Heart Health

In addition to reducing inflammation, soaking in Epsom salt can help lower stress and blood pressure.

9 – Tan Animal Hides (For You Hard Core Preppers)

Clothes don’t last forever, and getting new clothes during a survival situation won’t be as easy as taking a trip to the mall.

One way to replace your worn-out clothes is to create news ones out of processed animal skins, and Epsom salt can help with the tanning process.

After the flesh is removed from the hide, you can use Epsom salt as a swelling agent to decrease shrinkage and improve softness and durability.

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I am also going to add a 10th use for Epsom Salt, a formula for toe-nail fungus, a scourge for folks who spend a lot of time working or pleasuring in boots in the great outdoors.

10. Natural Remedy for Toe Nail Fungus (please try this before you use the medications given for toe nail fungus and their dangerous side-effects)

1 Cup of Epsom Salt

1 Cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

10 Drops of Tea Tree Oil

6 Cups of Very Warm Water

Soak nightly for half an hour until you start to see the toe nail fungus disappear.  After you dry your feet, apply Tea Tree Oil (you can get it on-line at Amazon (affiliate link, and thanks) or the major pharmacies) to the infected toe nails.

At the same time, boost your immune system (toe nail fungus is a virus) try oregano oil capsules and PaudArco (get them from a reputable herbalist).  PaudArco is from South America.  Here’s some good info from Dr. Mercola on this amazing herb (read about warnings as well).

PaudArco is not well known. I came across it through an herbalist in New Mexico when Jeff was suffering from toe nail fungus because of his fire boots.  In my opinion, it should be in every Prepper’s bag of tricks because of its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

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