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Lisa Bedford, author of “Survival Mom” (Amazon) and founder of one of my favorite Prepping sites called “Survival Mom” is offering a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best Preppers around at PREPPERS UNIVERSITY.  Download a class ($29 or less for life time access to the course), sit back with a cup of coffee, be inspired, learn, and Prepper will soon become who you are!  “Suvival Begins with Water,” “Nuclear Preparedness Intensive” and “10 Foods to Store” are a few of the courses offered, with more to come.Instructables Classes will teach you some good Prepping skills for FREE


Are Your Ready for a Disaster

Here’s a list of some excellent FREE Resources. Your tax dollars at work.

Building An Emergency Kit

This is a page on the site. The page covers basic info on how much water you will need, how much food, where to store it, what places to store, and much more. Great starting point.
This is a one-stop quick resource site put out by the Department of Homeland Security that will help you understand the types of emergencies that can happen and what to prepare for.  Knowledge is power.   Your tax dollars at work!

Know Your Alerts and Warnings
When emergencies happen, how many of you know how FEMA and NOAA operate on your behalf?  Lots of good info on this web page to help you understand important alert systems and how you can sign up.  So, if you’ve never heard of an EAS, a WEA or an IPAW, then this page is for you.

Are You Ready?
This is an in-depth 200 page guide to citizen preparedness that was put together by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to help you and your family understand how FEMA and other agencies work in a disaster and how you can prepare.  It is a who, what, where, why, how of disaster preparedness. You can also go through the course and get credit by taking an exam.

If for any reason the above link no longer works (which happens from time to time), you can use this link Are You Ready? to download the .pdf.

Helping Children Cope With Disasters.
This is a 12 page booklet that will not only help your children, but will also help you understand how children react to disaster. Some good action steps and checklists.  Well done in my opinion. Ofen we as parents are so caught up trying to deal with our own emotional stress during a disaster that we tend to dismiss our children’s distress.  Totally normal.  Unless you’ve been through many disasters, you are not an expert at being a Master of Disaster.

If for any reason the above link no longer works, you can use this link. Helping Children Cope

Assisting People with Disabilities in a Disaster
The most vulnerable in our family have greater needs.  Caretakers during a disaster will feel absolutely overwhelmed.  At the same time they need to think of helping themselves, they must also assist a disabled or senior member of the family.  Educating yourself upfront is more important than any bug out bag or tool you can buy.

If for any reason the above link no longer works, you can use this link. Disabilities and Disasters.

Preparing Your Pets For Emergencies
Notice the word PREPARE.  Excellent .pdf for helping those we love that can’t speak for themselves and are often left behind by an anguished pet owner because nothing was done to prepare for their pet for an unexpected disaster.

If for any reason the above link no longer works, you can use this link. Preparing For Pets.

FEMA Disaster Supplies List
Good basic lists of items you might consider.  Remember that lists need to fit your needs so make notes on what does and doesn’t fit on the list and plan accordingly.

FEMA Family Communication Plan
This is an actual fill in the blanks plan as well as ID cards (page 3) that can be filled out for each family member.  Very good.  Remember to make copies of everyones birth certificates, drivers licenses, front page of insurance policies, etc.  Bring safety pins for little ones and safety pin a young child’s ID card to their clothing.  You can also go to Staples and get plastic sleeves that have pins attached.

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