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Instructables is a community of  individuals who share their talents with the world.  It is FREE to become a member and FREE to watch all of their videos, uncut, unlimited.  Sign up here   (I am not compensated in any way. I just want to share the site with you). Have fun, build, create and share these prepping videos with your family and friends. I have chosen these video classes for you but I’m sure you will be able to find others of interest on the Instructables site. If you are signed up for my emails (see bottom of page), from time to time I hold a raffle and give away free three month Instructables membership coupons which will allow you to download pdfs of the classes.





General Survival Skills

Main Survival Category in Instructables


Canning and Preserving Class by Paige Russel

Off-Grid Power Supply by Jon-A-Tron

Hidden Bookcase Door and Secret Room by Patrick Hickey

Ammo Can Solar Power Supply by Bennelson

How to Build a 12 X 20 Cabin on a Budget by CoolBeansBaby68

Pocket Sling (Remember David and Goliath?)  by Waffilicious


Main Homesteading Category in Instructables






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