Dr. Hubbard’s First Aid Fundamentals

Safety and Basic Life Saving First Aid

I came across a book by Dr. James Hubbard called “Living Ready Pocket Manual First Aid Fundamentals for Survival.”  Dr. Hubbard also has a website called “The Survival Doctor.” This book is a perfect size for any survival kit.

Here’s what Dr. Hubbard says on his web site.  “I’ve come to realize many very smart people don’t know the basics about medicine. Now I’m not putting that down. Place me near a leaky faucet and my wife hides the tools. But if I have a flooded basement and can’t get a plumber, I know how to turn off the water supply. I’ve seen able people who don’t know to put pressure on a cut to stop it from bleeding. But even if you know how to stop the bleeding, what if it’s bad and you have no medical assistance?”

As part of your education in survival first aid, please purchase a copy of Dr. Hubbard’s book (I like this one because it is concise and small enough to fit in your emergency bag).  You can get the book on Amazon or on Dr. Hubbard’s website.  In addition, Dr. Hubbard’s website has every piece of info you will need to learn basic first aid in the wilderness.  He also has a video course that has several free very comprehensive lessons that I watched.

Thank you Dr. Hubbard for your great information.

In addition, to make it easier on yourself, purchase the following first aid kit (Amazon of course!) for your emergency bug out bag.  TripSavvy rated this number one.  The Swiss Safe 2 in 1 kit will cost you around $30.  In addition, check the contents of the kit with Dr. Hubbard’s suggestions in his book.

*Elastic Bandages
*Adhesive Bandages
*Cotton Balls
*Tampons (nose bleeds and bullet wounds)
*Cotton Tip Applicators, Long Stems
*Gauze Sponges, Sterile and NonSterile
*Gauze Rolls
*Nonstick or Nonadherent Dressing Pads
*QuckClot or Celox Clotting Bandages
*Bandage Scissors
*Vet Wrap (also known as Coban)
*Duct Tape (so many uses that he has a separate book on it)
*Paper Tape
*Super Glue
*Safety Pins
*SAM Splints
*Tongue Depressors
*Petroleum Jelly (cotton balls and petroleum jelly also keeps a fire going)
*Sterile Disposable Gloves
*14-gauge, 2″ long Hollow Needles
*Intravenous IV Catheters
*Matches and Lighters
*Oral Thermometers
*Thick Plastic Jar With Lid

I also suggest the following OTC meds and essential oils you can get on line or at a good herbal shop:

Loperamide (diarrhea);
Eye Wash/Drops;
Iodine (can also purify water);
lidocaine gel (numbing);
pure aloe vera gel (sun burns and insect bites),
clove oil (dilute! amazing disinfectant even for yeast infections), sore throats (mixed with water), as well as tooth aches;
tea tree oil (kills fungus),
Neosporin gel (antibacterial):
box of baking soda (heartburn, insect bites, toothpaste, deodorant, diaper rash, and shampoo- wow)
and a paracord.


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