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A Day On The Job For Jeff

WELCOME  to Street Smarts Survival!

Jeff and I operate a Wildland Firefighting operation in the West.

With over forty years of  street smarts knowledge in wildland fire and disaster preparedness, as well as living in diverse areas of the country from teeny towns of two hundred to large cities in the millions, we have some great info to share with you.

Let us help you and your family prepare for the unknown during these crazy and fearful times to live a fearless and happy life.  Jeff and I believe that awareness and education is the first step to becoming the master of your surroundings.

We also understand how hard it is to take on yet one more task.  The task of Prepping can seem overwhelming and we just want to keep that task simple for you.

Why? Because you will do it, you will make it a habit, and you will not feel frustrated and overwhelmed in the process.  The Result?  You and your family will be prepared, ready for any disaster, and you just might have some fun in the process.  And yes, Prepping can be done on a budget.

Imagine what we have seen?   In 2017 Jeff witnessed over 1,800 homes burn to the ground in Southern California and Oregon.  Nothing left.  He hugged many of these homeowners who lost everything and felt their pain.

2019 ended our season with the devastating Paradise Fire in California.  Over 20,000 homes burned to the ground.  Jeff hugged many a homeowner, doing whatever he personally could to take away their pain.  The fire had moved so fast, at one point consuming homes and forest at an unbelievable rate of over 60 acres a minute! There was just no time to prepare at that point.

The most painful thing Jeff deals with?  He will do an education program in an area that had a massive wildfire, speak to many homeowners, and watch them take the information they learn and do absolutely nothing with it.  Wow, is complacency that prevalent in our society?  The government will be there to help me if I need it?

Let me share this quote that comes from a FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) publication called “Are You Ready?”  (You can find the download link to this publication on our Resources page.

“If a disaster occurs in your community, local government and disaster-relief organizations will try to help you, but you need to be ready as well. Local responders may not be able to reach you immediately, or they may need to focus their efforts elsewhere.”

I think you get the picture.  It really needs to be up to you.  If you do not currently think this way, hopefully after taking a look at this site and other prepping and survival sites, you will.

Regarding links to some products on our website…from time to time we may refer products to you that may compensate us when someone from our survival community purchases the product.

We thank you in advance for helping us cover the costs associated with running our website.  There is also no additional markup to any product we recommend and we will also never recommend a product that we have not personally reviewed and used. Should you decide to purchase the product elsewhere, that’s O.K. too.  We truly want to help you and your family live a fearless life during these crazy times and become “Masters of Disasters”! That is what drives us.

We thank you in advance for visiting our site and we look forward to serving you!

May God bless you and your family.

Maisy and Jeff
Your Partners in Disaster Preparedness



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